Many families are choosing to spend more and more time at home and in their own back yards. If you are one of these people and the time has come to improve your surroundings and create an attractive outdoor living space, you will be making a wise choice with Classic LANDSCAPING.

When considering outdoor/extended living spaces, much thought goes into this process. A great deal of attention is provided during the site analysis process of the project to insure that your dreams are realized. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that can be enjoyed all year round.

If you are considering updating or renovating the landscape of your property and improving upon your curb appeal, we at Classic LANDSCAPING look forward to helping you realize your dreams.

With over a quarter of a century of experience and education, we can create a landscape that satisfies both your vision and your budget. Classic LANDSCAPING has received awards for its outstanding accomplishments including the construction and design of hardscape projects. Given the choice, wouldn’t you prefer to have your project designed and installed by a contractor that has been recognized by the product manufacturers themselves?

Cast Stone Veneer

Might your next property improvement project include a cast stone veneer for your foundation, chimney, or fireplace as an alternative to stucco or siding? Allow us to provide you with options to suit your taste and budget. Cast Veneers can transform any surface into a beautiful focal point or backdrop.